May 31, 2012: Spanokopita!

ImageI love these mini spanokopita appetizers, aka bento-sized goodness that takes almost no effort to throw into the oven.  They’re so tasty.  I surrounded them with carrot slices and the last grape tomato in the fridge – no it’s not a desperate situation – I do have food in the house.  I made brown and wild rice with dinner, so put some of that with an egg, some celery, and broccoli in the other half.  I love the soy sauce fish!  Dark chocolate and green tea hide under the lid.

To help my coworkers celebrate a successful 4-day training conference, I took in chocolate cupcakes with coconut buttercream and coconut flakes in today.  I will post a pic for cupcake Friday – they were delicious.  It’s got to be a good thing when my very favourite speech-language pathologist says there are no words for how good the cupcakes taste, right?

I can’t wait to get into my classroom tomorrow after four days of being in training.  I’ve missed my crew, and hopefully, they’ll appreciate seeing me return too.


May 30, 2012: Carrot maki in a new bento!


I haven’t had maki in a few weeks.  Feeling lazy, so I just rolled the sushi rice with cooked carrot, put more carrot around the rolls, and threw them in my brand new bento!  Egg, babybel, broccoli, and grape tomatoes finish up the meal.  Hiding in the bento are a square of dark chocolate and a green tea bag.

One more day of the conference, then I’m home free and ready to get back into my classroom to start implementing some of the ideas.

May 29, 2012: Udon noodles with spicy sauce, tofu, and veggies

Two posts today, because I posted last night’s this morning, and am getting this one done now.  This is comfort food at its best for day 3 out of a 4-day conference.  I love udon noodles for how comforting they feel to eat, but they are so light at the same time.  The sauce is easy to make (adapted from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone):

  • 1/3 cup water or veggie stock,
  • 2 tablespoons each hoi sin sauce, soy sauce, tomato paste,
  • a minced clove of garlic,
  • sriracha or other hot sauce to taste (I used a teaspoon or so).

Boil 200g/8oz udon noodles according to package directions, set aside, stirfry protein of choice (I used smoked tofu) and veggies in a little oil, then throw the noodles and sauce in and stir fry for another 2 minutes or so.  Orange slices, coconut jelly, dark chocolate, and green tea are the tasty side dishes.  Dried mango slices for snack.

May 29, 2012: Halloum Pitas


Halloum is wonderful – grilling cheese, as opposed to a grilled cheese.  If you’re really feeling lazy but hungry, you can put the halloum in your panini press.  Cleanup is a bit tricky unless you get paper towel while the press is still warm and get in all the grooves.

Slices of grilled Halloum sit in mini pitas.  I realized I have no fresh greens – will work on that after my workshop today, or they’d be in the pitas too.  An egg and sliced fruit make up the rest of the bento.

I’m being offered muffins and cookies at my four-day conference for snacks.  While I’m loving how cute, portion-controlled, healthy, and veggie my lunch is (I had the option of buying a buffet lunch daily), I have some vegetables packed for snack and will have a cookie in the afternoon today!