May 21, 2012: Lentil Sloppy Joes


So, apparently Costco is closed on Victoria Day.  I’m really glad I phoned to make sure of their holiday hours before driving over 300km each way!  My Costco buddy and I drove to Superstore instead.  Costco this weekend.

OK, the bento.  Even though I’ve had a three-day weekend, sometimes simple is still best.  I took one can of sloppy joe sauce – undrained, and one can of lentils – drained.  Slowly heat, et voila!  Dinner is served.  I like to take advantage of ‘veggietizing’ meat-based meals simply and cheaply.  I know my 88c. can of lentils is better for me, the planet (dried are for soups, and summer when I’m not teaching and can devote time to soaking and cooking properly), and my finances than ground meat.  Pretty sure the equivalent amount of beef would be at least $4.00.

I found a PC Organics blend of brown and wild rice, cooked according to the rice cooker instructions, and it was perfect!  Very, very tasty.  I had the sloppy joes on buns for dinner, and on rice for my bento tomorrow.  Raw veggies and a babybel (ham for omni hubby) complete my bento love for tomorrow.  Snack is yogurt.  Got in a run, a yoga session, a weight training session, and 1.5 full days of shopping on the 3-day weekend, and the scale?  We’re not talking to each other right now…


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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