May 22, 2012: Quinoa Pasta Marinara


I’m tired.  Just over a month of teaching to go, then I get to recharge the batteries again… I am planning on making bentos through summer too – will be nice to enjoy while studying for my next course.  Studying on the beach or at the waterpark is the best thing ever.

Last time I was in the US, I found quinoa pasta in a packet with marinara sauce to stir in at the end – sort of like packets of KD, but far more foodie-approved, as it comes in a packet, not a blue box!  In the panda are shreds of organic cheddar made from raw milk.  Very indulgent, but divine!  Broccoli, carrots, and strawberries for raw food energy goodness complete the meal.  Can you spot the hidden square of dark chocolate?  Snack will be a banana.


2 thoughts on “May 22, 2012: Quinoa Pasta Marinara

    • I would love to take the credit, but it came in a box. I’m not sure how to make quinoa pasta from scratch, and being that my wheat pasta from scratch didn’t go so well, not sure I’m brave enough…

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