May 29, 2012: Halloum Pitas


Halloum is wonderful – grilling cheese, as opposed to a grilled cheese.  If you’re really feeling lazy but hungry, you can put the halloum in your panini press.  Cleanup is a bit tricky unless you get paper towel while the press is still warm and get in all the grooves.

Slices of grilled Halloum sit in mini pitas.  I realized I have no fresh greens – will work on that after my workshop today, or they’d be in the pitas too.  An egg and sliced fruit make up the rest of the bento.

I’m being offered muffins and cookies at my four-day conference for snacks.  While I’m loving how cute, portion-controlled, healthy, and veggie my lunch is (I had the option of buying a buffet lunch daily), I have some vegetables packed for snack and will have a cookie in the afternoon today!


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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