Bento Eye Candy: hidden goodness under the lid edition!


The two bentos I have with space under the lid have chopsticks that fit in there, but – I find short chopsticks tricky to eat with, and I don’t always eat Asian foods in my bentos, so don’t always need them.

Dark chocolate for antioxidants, and raising good cholesterol fits nicely under the lid of a bento.  My husband found these individually wrapped squares for me, but you could just break off a piece from a bar.  This tea mix is added to cold water – quite tasty.  You could use any lemonade/iced tea/crystal light mix.


Yummy!  Dried mango – so sweet and satisfying.  Putting it under the lid prevents sogginess.  Mango loves to soak up any moisture in your bento, and soggy mango is not appetizing at all.


Dark chocolate and a green tea bag is my usual combo.


I managed to fit 1/4 cup trail mix easily under the lid.  This is apparently a serving size…  Trail mix is my preferred snack, but you could certainly add it to a light lunch.

I didn’t have any crackers or flatbreads in the house to photo, but those would certainly work (and same as for the mango, will stay crisp).  Fruit to go’s would also work under the lid.

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