Bento eye candy: April-ish

Sticky rice, gomashio, faux meatballs in UFC spicy sauce from Thailand, edamame, babybel, spicy chickpeas, veggies, fruit, almonds and raisins for snack

Fake meatballs, butternut squash raviolo in tomato sauce with spinach, strawberries, grapes, cucumber.

Couscous salad with balsamic viniagrette, halloum cheese, strawberry, hot pickled pepper, trail mix for snack.

Mini egg sandwiches, cucumber, strawberries, carrots.  As pretty as this was, I remember feeling really hungry afterwards – not enough food!

Samosas, minigo (in England, they’re not just for preschoolers!), cheese stuffed mini pitas, coleslaw with craisins and walnuts.

 Japanese-style edamame curry, rice, corn on top, veggies, babybel, spicy fried chickpeas, strawberries.

Bentos mean love.  First bento for my hubby, when he started his new job.  I’ve been pretty good at making lunch for both of us, although we like very different things, so it can be extra work at times.  I made mushroom pie for me, and some sort of sandwiches for him (probably ham, he likes ham), veggies, fruit, trail mix for both of us.



Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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