June 18, 2012: PBJ carbo-licousness!

Not much time for bento-ing.  I had a dinner/meeting, and got back late, but still wanted epic deliciousness!  Screw higher protein adrenal support diet – today, it’s all about carbo-licious comfort food.  PBJ on whole wheat, potato salad (‘recipe’ follows:)

  • peel and dice potato, boil until tender
  • drain, pour pieces into bowl
  • season with salt, pepper, and either celery salt OR curry powder
  • drizzle some vinegar and mayo over (vegan mayo to veganize it).

Done!  Carrot for vitamins, and pickle for colour and crunch.  The panda hides chocolate buttons.

Happy Tuesday!  My last day of classes for 2011/2012.  Exams, marking, reports, meetings follow.  Oh my.


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