June 27, 2012: Salad-ey love

This is the last lunch I’ll pack for the school year.  For the last day, there’s a buffet lunch planned.  However, this bento is all about potato salad and green salad.

I have to promise you that these are red-skinned potatoes, not raw chicken.  I left the skins on for fibre and because they’re new crop smaller potatoes and peeling would be a comparative waste.  They taste fantastic, though look a little peaky.  Shaping an egg like a bunny livens up this tier a little.

I used the same heart-shaped fondant cutter, for a babybel and carrots, with which I decorated blue velvet cupcakes last August for the first day back.  Ahhh, things coming full circle!  The chick contains balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress the salad – not too worried if it leaks, as it will leak onto the food it’s intended for.

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?  Only if they’re dinosaurs!  Are dinosaurs vegetarian?


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