July 16, 2012: Mini PBJ for my son


So my son is a picky eater.  A really picky eater.  He also happens to have PDD-NOS, a pervasive developmental disorder classified as on the Autism spectrum.  Most people with Autism have a hard time with either sleeping or eating.  He’s a little late to bed, but goes down easily once we ask him to go.  With eating, however…

He will only eat Wonder bread right now.  He doesn’t like the smell of bread fresh from the oven.  Getting peanut butter into him is tough, but he will eat it after he’s complained about it.  The only veggies he’ll eat are raw peppers (as long as they’re not green) and carrots, but I’m happy to get those into him and he does eat them every day.  Thanks to his classroom aide encouraging him, he’ll happily eat edamame, either shelled or in pods.  We are working on cheese and eggs right now for some more protein, but his will is stronger than mine (and he will starve himself instead of eating one bite of an unpreferred food – his PDD interferes with the sensation of hunger).  He will eat almost any kind of fruit (not keen on cherries, and won’t eat kiwis ever), can eat 2lbs of blueberries in a day if we’re not stopping him sneaking into the fridge (I think this is a PDD thing), and will eat several fruits dried.  He has some dried cherries and apricots here.

After whining about peanut butter, he happily ate the bento, a yogurt (the only brand he’ll eat, fruit on the bottom, after he’s smooshed all the fruit and yogurt together), and a glass of milk.

One thought on “July 16, 2012: Mini PBJ for my son

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