July 16, 2012: Pan-fried ravioli

I feel as though I’ve neglected this little internet space, so I posted a little about feeding my son (which has its challenges) and now I’m posting about feeding me, which is far easier.

I took ravioli from the fridge (how come they don’t have vegan ravioli in the grocery store? That would be cool) and pan-fried them, covered, in a little olive oil until crispy on both sides – takes about 2-3 minutes per side.  I paired them with a black bean ‘meat’ ball covered in a pretty swirl of sriracha.

Salad was a very simple handful of posh lettuce, a couple halved strawberries and dressing in the piggy.  I’m not sure how well fried ravioli would hold up in a bento after an overnight in the fridge – my feelings are that they could soften a little and be chewily delicious, or they’ll dry out.  Not sure which.

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