July 19, 2012: PBJ (again) for my son

Another snacky PBJ bento for my son.  This time, I’m seeing how he does with a light rye bread.  He has happily eaten it before, so I’m pretty confident.  No other new foods here – just edamame, raisins, carrot, pepper, and a few pieces of a Clif chocolate chip bar.

I managed to round up almost all my panda/bear accessories here – I am quite fond of the ninja panda behind the sandwich.

Speaking of bento accessories, some new ones arrived yesterday!  Seeing them drying for some reason made me really happy this morning (please ignore psycho paring knife):


14 thoughts on “July 19, 2012: PBJ (again) for my son

    • Yes, you do! They’re so awesome. I have 2-2-tier bentos, and 1-1 tier bento. My son has the 2-tier panda one you see here, as well as a Goodbyn (which is freaking huge!), and my husband has 2-2 tier as well. I use 2-tier bentos most often, and I like that I can make a hot tier if I choose.

      If you choose to go the eBay route, pay attention to the millilitre capacity – I have about 320 mL in the large tiers, and 250mL in the smaller tiers, and that’s enough for my 6’3″ hubby, as well as myself for a light lunch.

  1. I saw some plastic cocktail picks last time I went to the store and I just ALMOST purchased, then told msyelf it was frivolous. And now you make me regret the choice! I mean, c’mon–$2.70 for 100 super adorable accents (in this case, multi-colored card suits (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds). And when you see what they can do…

    I bought those exact silicone cups a few weeks ago, incidentally. They’re great fun, aren’t they?

    I’m amazed at how well the bread fits into this box. Did you do a little jig when you made this discovery?

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