Aug 9, 2012: veggie burger and veggies

I’ve started a new exercise/nutrition plan which so far has been very vegan-with-the-occasional-benefit friendly.  It has me front-load the day’s carbohydrates, and save healthy fats for later in the day.  I get 5 meals a day, and meal 3 is perhaps the most fun, as both carb and a healthy fat are permitted.  Dairy is not okay after Meal 2, except in small amounts – a sprinkle of cheese on chili etc.

The insanely easy part is that there’s no counting anything, and portion control is emphasised, both of which lend themselves quite nicely to bento!

If I see results (the real kicker is 30 mins cardio upon waking every day… let’s see how well that goes come the start of the new school year!), I’m sure there will be plenty more dairy-free lunches as I explore the new plan and get more creative.

Veggie burger (protein), multigrain bun (carb), pepper, cucumber, almonds (healthy fats).  Sugars are out, so no barbecue sauce or ketchup, and I saved my healthy fats for almonds instead of a dip for the veggies – I really prefer them plain, anyway.

Finally (I can’t believe I’m typing this…), to prove that you don’t need a special bento box or cute stuff, you will notice that I have a plain garden-variety container today, with only one little food cup.


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