New Bento boxes of eBay auction-winning goodness!

I have been looking for mamegoma (Japanese Sanrio seal cuteness) bento boxes for a while on eBay.  I had to have one after seeing one featured in a bento flickr pool.  I finally found one, and bid the crap out of that listing until it was mine!  I had to – there is cuteness and cupcakes on it!  Obsession yes, but both bento and cupcake-ing make me happy.

They came today! *happydance*!

The tiniest one:

At 250mL, this will be perfect for a babybel and some fruit for a snack, or some trail mix (as long as I’m happy to let it wiggle around in there – one whole cup of mix would be a bit high in cals for a day in the classroom…)

With a 390mL capacity, I think I have a sushi roll/rice and ‘weird vegetarian food’ container here.

At 520mL, this is perfect for those days when you just want a decent-sized salad for the veggie/fruit part of lunch, or for Fridays, when the day is shorter, and only one meal break is scheduled.

I’m so excited.  My inner dork is now ready to go back to school.  Way more fun than the dreaded yearly shopping-for-school-uniform-days that I remember from childhood!

Finally, if anyone can tell me what the mamegomas are saying, they can officially rule the interwebnetz for the day 🙂


5 thoughts on “New Bento boxes of eBay auction-winning goodness!

  1. Theyre soo cute!! I’m jealous haha
    I believe they’re just saying “puu”, I can’t find a translation so I imagine it’s just used because its a cute sound for a seal to make 🙂

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