Cupcake Friday!


Sorry for the out-of-focus.  My camera didn’t like the baking rack, I think.  Had to go to full manual mode, and it looked okay in the preview screen.  Vanilla cupcake with caramel filling and coffee icing, with fondant blossoms and just a few sprinkles.

What this caramel latte cupcake lacks in focus it makes up for in taste, and I quote my friend’s husband on Facebook’s response to this cuppie….

“this is ——–‘s husband ——, and i just tried your caramel macchiatto cupcake, and i have a question for you…..are my eyeballs supposed to pop out of the head when i take a bite out of the middle? because that is what happened. they were AMAZING!!!!. ——- is helping me type this because my eyeballs rolled under the stove. great job”

Cupcake on!


2 thoughts on “Cupcake Friday!

    • Crisco for your hands, work surface, and bowl will be your best friend when fondanting. Corn starch when rolling/shaping works better for me than icing sugar, and try it on a cool/warm rather than hot day, as it just melts and goes squishy. And post pics! ❤

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