Reader appreciation award

It’s really lovely that people out there in the blogosphere come visit me, for one thing, and that they appreciate what they see, enough to nominate me for an award.  It’s so cool.

Kiisu over at oh!bento nominated me for this award, and I’m thrilled.  Transcontinental bento ftw!  Thank you.  Kiisu is fantastic at sourcing out thrifty bento finds, as well as nutritious bentos adorned with home-made accoutrements.  Nicely done!

The rules of this award :

1. Include the award logo in your blog : yep

2. Answer the questions below : oki

*What is your favourite colour? I don’t really have one, but I do have 2 rooms in my house painted purple, as well as one with a hint of purple in it, and I have been told I wear a lot of purple, so purple it is!

*What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? water – I was identified this week as being a wateroholic.  I don’t see this is a bad thing.  I love the taste of water (who knew?) and could drink it all day long.

*Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, but I’m starting to see how Twitter could be more awesome.  It’s just hard to have to build up a whole new social network…

*What’s your passion? public education – teaching in it, advocating for it, protecting it.  It’s the cornerstone of our democracy, and is very much worth fighting for on provincial, Canadian, and International scales.

*What’s your favorite pattern? Anything but paisley.  Scarred for life, and only my close friends know the story.

*Do you prefer giving or getting presents? I have to pick?  I love surprises when they’re designed with my glee in mind (unlike my husband treating the whole school staff to a buffet lunch on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday!), and I love giving treats and planning surprises too.

*What’s your favorite number? 42.  Of course.

*Favourite day of the week? …

*Favourite flower? Lilies.  I have tiger lilies, oriental lilies, dwarf lilies, and day lilies in my garden.  Just as well really, they seem to thrive on neglect and keep coming up year after year without me doing very much beyond giving them composting and the occasional weeding.

3. Nominate the blogs you enjoy reading, link them and let them know that they have been nominated – she says it’s student cooking, but it’s simple, tasty, economical food and we could all learn things from her! – I love, love, love this blog! – a fellow British Columbian food blogger with amazing food photography skills! – (often thrifted) retro awesomeness.  A unique and lovely blog.


One thought on “Reader appreciation award

  1. Awesome! This one’s a first for me 😀 Thanks for your kind comment, I’m super pleased that you like my food photos!
    I looove your bentos. They’re always so unbelievably cute and creative 🙂

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