Aug 30, 2012: mushroom boursin mini pies

Pastry is my arch-nemesis.  It just never looks pretty when I roll it out.  Don’t judge me.

I found a mini pie/tart dish online that makes 4 individually-sized pies (with a pastry cutter for both top and bottom crusts).  It’s awesome.  I tried it for the first time today with an adaptation of Vegetarian Times’ mushroom pie: recipe!

I adapted it – no onions in the house, so I omitted those and the garlic, and put a decent-sized slice of boursin on top of the filling instead.  I also dropped the eggs to 2 whole and 2 whites, and used 1/2 cup milk.  I forgot that the crust needs seasoning – definitely needs amping up with a little more salt than the recipe calls for before rolling out.

I made 4 mini pies.  What to do with the other 3?  Eat one for dinner.  Easy.  Now, my friend and I both like mushrooms.  Neither of our husbands like them.  So I texted her, and made her a bento for tomorrow too.  Yay!  Now there’s only one mini pie hiding from me in the fridge…

Tasty side dish offerings include the very last of the English cheddar I got at a US Costco (sadface mode :ON:, but at least we can eat the last few cubes together… she helped me eat some last time she came for dinner, so I know she’ll appreciate polishing it off with me!), orange pepper, celery, grape tomatoes, and being that it’s Friday tomorrow, vegetarian marshmallow pie treats.  Nom!


2 thoughts on “Aug 30, 2012: mushroom boursin mini pies

    • Boursin is lovely in savoury baked goodness. I like mixing it with the flesh from baked potatoes for stuffed/twice baked potatoes, and I like semi-slicing up bread, putting slices of it in the cuts with dried cherries or craisins and baking the bread until crispy on the outside. Deelish!

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