Foodie penpal awesomeness!

The lovely has a foodie pen pal program set up.  I sent a package of goodies off across the country earlier this month, and received a box of treats from another blogger.  The cool thing about this program is that I send and receive packages to different people each month that I choose to participate.  Here is what I received from the wonderful  I really enjoy her candid approach on her blog.  Take a stroll over there and check it out.

Here is what I received (using my new kitchen flooring as a backdrop…. so pretty!)

Dulse!  I cannot tell you how wonderful this smells; just like the ocean!  I wonder if it will have a nori-like effect on rice in my bentos.

Candies! What’s really cool about these is that they are made locally and my penpal has visited the factory.  The chicken bone candies can only be made after seven years of training.  Awesome.

Chocolate!  As we all know here, I love chocolate, and I haven’t seen the toasted cashew and coconut variety before.  I might be saving this for a meeting with a certain speech-language pathologist who enjoys coconut next week.  We can treat ourselves together while we plan on how we’re saving the world.

You had me at dark chocolate, but I bet these will taste fruity and delicious and I can convince myself that I’m eating something healthy.  Again, another perfect treat for bento love!  I’m holding off on opening the bag – I know once I break the seal that it’ll be empty far too quickly.

Thanks to Natasha – wonderful job!  I appreciate that she did some ingredient-scanning, and made sure that I received vegetarian treats.  I’m very touched.  Have a great day, everyone, and if you’re in Canada, maybe we’ll get to be foodie pen pals for September!

10 thoughts on “Foodie penpal awesomeness!

    • I figure one shopping trip round my small town should do it. We have a max of $15, so that can be spent pretty quickly, especially if I’m picking up locally-produced delicacies… the money gets spent pretty quickly then!

  1. This is awesome! I’ve signed up for Oct!
    By the way, I’ve had those chocolate acai blueberries before – be prepared to devour the whole thing. They are delicious!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed everything, I have been packing to move and so I totally forgot to come check out some other posts until today, when I was writing up my post for September!! Have a good day!!

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