Sep 3, 2012: sandwich, veggies, snacks bento

It’s now officially Autumn in my little corner of Western Canada.  It took most of the day to dry laundry outside, and I’ve been chilling out in a hoodie and socks!  Not to mention that it’s flash photography time if I don’t get round to bento-making early enough in the day… Yes, I know school starts tomorrow, but wow – Fall just came all at once this year, it seems.

OK, the bento.  I am planning on a long day tomorrow – classes all morning, and then meetings through the afternoon, so I’ve included the snacks I’ll consume.  Plus I get to show off my mamegoma bento boxes tomorrow!

Morning snack features a hard-boiled egg, with nori smiles to perk it up a bit, and some dried apricots.

Lunch – which I can’t believe looks so grey (you can never tell when posh baby lettuce is no longer good to eat until you open the box, I was planning on greening it up quite a bit) – is 1/2 a soy turkey and red pepper jelly sandwich on whole wheat, some dolmathes (again, more grey, sorry!), and broccoli and a babybel to try and perk it up a bit.  Even the pickle looks monochromatic in there.

Afternoon snack is some asian fusion (think ginger in it!!!!) hummus with yellow pepper and cucumber to dip.

And with the lids on:


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