Sep 9, 2012: sandwich and veggies bento

Bleh.  It’s flash photography season.  Either that, or I’m bentoing later in the day than usual.  Meh.

Oki, the bento is kickin’ it old-school being a sandwich and veggies, but this does not look at all boring and at risk of being neglected…

Tofurkey (finally, the last of the packet… I get 4 sandwiches out of it) and light old cheddar with baby kale (Shh! Don’t tell my husband he’s eating a superfood!  He has baby kale in his sandwich tomorrow too.), mayo, dijon on 1 slice sprouted grain bread, pickle, carrot, grape tomatoes, orange pepper, cucumber, cherries, and broccoli.

Lady Grey tea and dark chocolate to force me to sit still for a few minutes longer at lunch tomorrow.  Busy times!  Almonds and dried apricots for snack.


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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