Sep 11, 2012: mishmash sushi bento

I was treated to veggie sushi for snack during my third meeting of the day.  That’s a crazy insane number of meetings, people!  But I survived, and got compliments on the cuteness of my snack.  Oh, if only they knew I blogged about epic noms!

Anyway, I clearly didn’t get enough of a sushi fix, because I came home and put some brown rice in the rice cooker and waited for it to do its thing.  Brown rice makes for monochromatic rolls, but it tastes really good.  There is fake chicken in teriyaki sauce in there.  I have to bake (commercially, woo hoo!) tonight, so I didn’t really get round to timing veggies with the rice for the rolls.  Greenery would have been good!  To compensate, I put horseradish cheddar on picks and made carrot sakura flowers.

In the upper tier, there’s 1-egg’s worth of Tamagoyaki, Asian fusion hummus in the panda cup, and grape tomatoes to dip into the hummus.  Continuing the eclectic theme are three different styles of picks.  Awesome!

Dried mango, soy sauce (pilfered from the meeting after the sushi was eaten – leftovers, can’t throw them out!), and tea in the lid.  More mish mash, but who’s keeping track?


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