Sep 16, 2012: chick’n, veggies, and rice

I spent all day selling pieces of my soul, ahem, cupcakes today.  So tomorrow’s bento is easy, but tasty, as I am super tired.  I am thankful for faux meats on days like these, as I don’t have to spend time marinating tofu or making entrees with beans.  It’s like before my veg days when I’d pull chicken breasts out of the freezer, right?

Gardein chick’n in the orange sauce, steamed basmati with spice blend (not a true furikake, but akin to those lines, and vegan), and steamed carrot and red pepper, which I steamed in the basket above the rice before adorning with a spicy sriracha swirl.  Couldn’t be easier, and my hubby’s bento follows the same lines, although he has steak instead of vegan protein.  Fruity jelly for dessert.

Snack is a clif Z bar (yay US Costco!) and dried apricots.  Happy Monday, everyone

7 thoughts on “Sep 16, 2012: chick’n, veggies, and rice

    • It’s been a few years since I ate meat, so faux meats usually feel like protein, but not really like meat. If they were exactly the same, that would just be too weird, and I wouldn’t want to eat them.

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