Sep 19, 2012: salad rolls


I love salad rolls.  Hung at one of my local supermarkets makes amazing salad rolls, but they are quite pricey considering I am perfectly capable of making them myself.  And it uses up some veggies that are just sitting there happily in the fridge waiting to be eaten.

I didn’t have time or energy tonight to marinate and grill/sautee tofu, so I substituted orange chick’n.  I then placed purple cabbage, carrots, red pepper, vermicelli rice noodles (cooled), and romaine lettuce in the rolls.  They’re quite puffy due to the lettuce.  Both rolls have chick’n in them, but sometimes they roll in ways so you can’t see the tasty filling!

I have peanut sauce in the panda cup, and a Clif Z bar and dried guava for desserty treats.  Pretty sure there’s a dark chocolate square under there, too.

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