Sep 23, 2012: curried quinoa salad

This is going to be so tasty.  It’s a new recipe that I had a bite of, and it’s perfect for lunch!  It’s quinoa cooked in a little curry powder before being drained and rinsed, tendercrisp blanced peas, and peach in a mango chutney-curry dressing.  Yummy!  I made seitan this afternoon, so sauteed one of the pieces and placed into the bento too.  Under the salad are more salad greens, and they’ll be quite happy with any dressing that escapes the quinoa.

My friend gave me some leftovers in a container a while back, and I think it’s a perfect container for frugal bentos.  Even though there’s nothing cute about it, it’s a good size and is esthetically pleasing.  While I’m hopelessly hooked on cute, I’m posting this to prove that it’s not a need to make tasty, nutritious bento!  Any old box will usually do the trick quite nicely.

My bento in not so cute box which is still awesome, and ordinary locking container with quinoa salad for my friend’s lunch tomorrow:

I took the lid off so the seitan could cool a little more.  Rainforests aren’t good for lunches…


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