Sep 24, 2012: ersatz katsu bento

So I bought a package of mushroom balls the last time I was in an Asian supermarket, as part of my ‘try something new’ mantra.  With no recipes or guides on the net, I thought sauteeing them in a little oil would do the trick.  Whatever I did, I messed it up big-time, due to them turning into little rocks once I thought they looked cooked.  I could barely get a fork into them!

Fake meat to the rescue!  I rather like ersatz katsu sounds when you say it, and here’s how I made it: faux chicken nuggets, heated up so they’re cooked all the way through, placed next to a blend of sprouted grain brown and black wild rice, and with a generous helping of katsu sauce on top.  Broccoli makes a nice filler and adds a pop of colour.  Easy.

Cold tier: carrot slices, broccoli, grapes, and grape tomatoes.  Little pick animals to perk the colour up a bit, et voila!


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