Foodie Penpal Awesomeness!

This month’s foodie penpal exchange was just as awesome as last month’s, the first time I participated.  Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean has started a fanastic program for food bloggers and readers in both Canada and the US.  There is a link on her site for UK food bloggers too 🙂  If this sounds like fun, consider signing up at:

I sent a package full of goodies to Ontario, and in turn received a package full of goodies from elsewhere in Ontario.  The lovely sweetspellbaking was responsible for making my day last week when my package came.  I love the foodie reviews of Toronto eating spots, and gorgeous photo-recipe teaching guides to deelish-looking treats!  I wish my bread looked that good when I baked.  Please shimmy on over there and take a look!

So here’s what I received:

-chickpea curry that’s completely ready to go and gourmet blended brown rice to go with it.  These are two of my favourite foods, so I’m sure I’ll be incorporating them into a bento this week 🙂

-mushroom and quinoa soup.  I can’t seem to get enough quinoa lately, so I can’t wait to try this soup out.  It says it serves five, but it hasn’t met me yet!

-snack bars full of all sorts of tasty treats.  I love trail mix, so to get to eat it in bar form will be wonderful.

It’s like my foodie penpal was able to poke around in my head – a hit all around!  What I appreciate most are the adorable handwritten notes attached to the treats.  They’re mine all mine, so I won’t photograph and post them.

I’ve signed up again for next month, and am looking forward to shopping and sending goodies off around the country again.  The whole program just makes me happy 🙂

15 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Awesomeness!

  1. Lovely post! I am sooo pleased you enjoyed what I selected for you. And again, your posts are so great. So creative. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing your FPP package with all of us. By the way, I’ve spent the last 5 minutes playing with the fish over on the side there. How did you post that into your blog? I want fish!!

  3. Ha, now I see why all those bentos got yummy quinoa in them lately! 🙂 Great loot! Would love to participate in the swap but I’m too far away.. 😦

    • I’m headed to the next best place on Thursday: Vancouver 🙂 There’s a Daiso there, so I’m hoping to pick up some more bento goodies (and host a giveaway!), and I plan on packing a bare minimum in my suitcase and filling it with tasty Asian treats from the big supermarket that’s opposite my hotel. Yay! Thank you though! If I can’t find coffee agar jelly, I may be in contact.

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