Cookbook challenge: pumpkin muffins

I know it’s only one muffin now.  There were 11.  Only an hour or two ago.  So that means this recipe is a hit, right?  Woo hoo!  One more foray into Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison…

I made a couple of minor adaptations to the recipe:

I do have candied ginger, but didn’t think it was the most PDD-friendly ingredient, so I used raisins.  I used canned pumpkin that was leftover from pie-making on Thanksgiving, so I pulled that out of the freezer and defrosted it, and used that instead of sweet potato.  This is your classic North American muffin recipe – mix wet, mix dry, combine but not too much, scoop, bake.  The recipe suggests 10-12 muffins.  I managed 11, but was a bit heavy-handed with the scooping, so would have got 12 had I been a bit stingier.

I’m glad I got to try one of these before my son and his friend devoured the rest.  I’m also really glad one was left so I could at least put something up on the blog!  They’re not very sweet – if I were making these again, I might substitute more sugar for the molasses (although that would reduce the iron content somewhat, and both my son and I could use more in our diets, I’m sure).  Or maybe not – they were probably inhaled whole just as is.  Yay!

Thanks once again to Uniflame of shelikesbento for hosting the cookbook challenge.  I probably never would have tried this recipe were it not for the challenge, and it’s one more way of sneaking veggies into my child!


7 thoughts on “Cookbook challenge: pumpkin muffins

    • I find that if the dishwasher is empty, making muffins doesn’t take too long at all. I can get the ingredients and batter together in the time that it takes to preheat the oven, and then the bowl, spatula, and scoop go straight into the dishwasher. But being that there are only three of us in the house, I can get away with just a dozen at a time, which is what speeds it all up. Hopefully you can find some time 🙂

  1. Sounds delicious! I shall have to try those. I think the lowered sweetness you mentioned was probably from skipping the candied ginger. The recipe probably was accounting for the sugar in that, so a touch more molasses might be all it would take. Though as you say, considering they were inhaled, it doesn’t seem anyone minded!

    • Yeah, that’s where I’m at – the raisins can’t have had the sweetening power that candied ginger would have had, and sweet potato is a lot sweeter than pumpkin, too. My son’s favourite muffin recipe is way too sweet for me, so him eating this one with gusto is appreciated 🙂

  2. I have these in the oven; I had half a sweet potato in the fridge staring at me all week. My batch made 14 (what the?!?!). Used pineapple, raisins, sweet potato, and almond milk… Will let you know!

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