Pink tofu stew, quinoa, and squash

Bentoing is too easy.  I had leftover tofu and veggie stew, quinoa, and squash in the fridge.  Here they are in a bento that took me longer to wash the bento than assemble the next day’s goodies.

The pink stew looks sweet, but definitely tastes savoury.  I know it looks like there’s only one cube of tofu in the sauce – I promise you there is more food in there.  The colour comes from a beet that was staring me down in the fridge for a while.  One little beet made a whole pot of stew bright pink 🙂  The quinoa and squash have already put in appearances this week, but here they are again because they’re tasty.  I gave the squash a couple of grinds from the black salt mill for a sweet-salty side dish.

No bento tomorrow, as I’ll be at a conference and they’ll feed me lunch.  I will however, schedule a Cupcake Friday! because the internet needs more cupcakes.

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