Cookbook challenge: cottage cheese and spinach gratin with jujjed up version too!

One more week of the cookbook challege – yes, another gratin, but honestly if you saw the inside of my fridge this morning, you’d get why.  It is so full it’s not even funny anymore.  I had eggs, spinach, and cottage cheese all having a party in there, which are the all-star cast of this dish!  I also had some filo in the freezer, and a jar of tomato jam that called to me as I visited a deli I don’t often get to frequent.  It all works out that I get to make a recipe, and create space in the fridge (not to mention save a bit more money with not having to go shopping for ingredients).  So, the game plan, as outlined in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison:

This was easy enough to do.  I didn’t have two bunches of spinach, but I did have a box of prewashed baby spinach, so I gave that a rough chop before wilting.  Other than that, I followed the procedure as intended, with the following delicious-looking results:

My oven’s only a few years old, but you can see how it’s starting to develop its own quirky little hot spots with how the dish browned.  Making this gratin put me into full-on Mad Men mode: for some reason, this felt very similar to retro creamed spinach.  I would like to hope I’m a better mother than Betty Draper though!  I was inspired by…

This is amazing, and don’t worry, fellow veg*ns, despite being suggested as an accompaniment to meat, meat, and more meat, this is full of vegetarian umami goodness!  And made (almost) locally; how perfect!  I prebaked some filo layers, spread a little of this in each mini pie, placed gratin mixture on top, baked, et…

Voila!  Individual gratin cups with tomato jam hiding underneath the gratin to provide a burst of flavour.  So tasty.  These mini pies would be perfect in a bento.  However, my son has medical appointments tomorrow, so I will be treating him to fast food ickiness once they’re all over.  No bento for me tomorrow, but I’m sure later on in the week, you’ll be seeing a bit of gratin or a gratin cup in one.

Thanks again to Uniflame of She Likes Bento for hosting the challenge.  It’s proving to be a very tasty one.


6 thoughts on “Cookbook challenge: cottage cheese and spinach gratin with jujjed up version too!

  1. That looks so good! It made me hungry when I read the name and it made me even more hungry when I saw the picture.

    I think I am going to miss the cookbook challenge, but I still like the idea. I might do a personal challenge in the near future. School and work has taken my time.

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