Foodie penpal reveal: October 2012

Who doesn’t want to receive something this pretty in the mail?  Yay for foodie penpals, an idea conceived and managed by the lovely LeanGreenBean.  If you’re in the US, Canada, or the UK, you can sign up, go shopping, and see what tasty treats you’re sent.  It’s so fun!

This month’s batch of foodie glee comes courtesy of Susan from Susonia, who lives on the other side of my very awesome province.  Her food photography is inspiring – please go over there and check out her lovely website.

OK, what have I been snacking on?  I cannot tell you how happy foodie penpals makes me.  Each month, I get to try foods I’ve never seen before.  It’s awesome!
 Excuse the blurries on the canning labels.  The one on the left reads ‘pearl sugar’, which came all the way from Sweden, and will be used on pies!  The other reads ‘rosemary salt’, smells heavenly, and will make roast potatoes taste divine.

The first thing that got devoured was the strawberry Ritter sport.  Thankfully, I got in a couple of squares before my son and his best friend found it.  They were very appreciative of a snack, too!  And my son says it’s wonderful that my foodie penpal sent me such a delicious treat.  He gets the joy of foodie penpals… yay!

I am a big fan of Emergen-C, and other similar brands of vitamins in tasty drink form, so to get a couple of those to boost my dodgy immune system was lovely.  I haven’t tried cranberry pomegrate, so that will be awesome.

I love that the granola and tiny blackcap raspberry jam came from a farmers market in Vancouver, one of my most favourite cities in the world (and where I’m flying to next month – can’t wait!).  The granola got snacked on through a very nice evening with Season 2 of the Walking Dead, but I haven’t started on the jam – trying to pace myself here.  Who doesn’t love real jam?

The treat that most intrigues me is the dipped, solar-dried banana.  You can’t really tell by the picture, but it’s tiny compared to the size of a fresh banana!  This was a really tasty Friday afternoon snack.  I have never seen one of these before, so it was a very welcome surprise.

Thank you again to Susan, who took the time to find me tasty treats and surprised me with goodies I’ve never seen before.  And thank you to Lindsay for organizing foodie penpals month after month.  It must be like herding cats, so it’s appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Foodie penpal reveal: October 2012

  1. Yay for Foodie Pen Pals ;)! I took a break this month since we were out fo town and really buys in general, but will be joining in the fun in November again.

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