A giveaway full of bento love!

First up is a bento box, with chopsticks, a belt, and a not-too-cute-but-plenty-cute-enough pattern:

The capacity is 600mL, which is a good size, I’ve found – not too big or too small (obviously, appetites and caloric needs vary between individuals…).

From the side, you can see 2 tiers, and the belt.  To go with the bento, I found some picks:

and some cute food cups:

Finally, I have a soy sauce fish for the bento:

I think I’ve covered the basics for people who want to get started with dipping their toes into the world of bento, and some new accessories for more experienced bentoists.

The giveaway is worldwide – if you live where mail can be delivered, you’re eligible (take that, US-only giveaway-ers!)!  To enter, please leave me a comment below with the answer to the following question, and an email address so I can get hold of you if you’re the winner:

What would you like to see more of on my blog?

I will pick a winner using my gaming dice on November 15, 2012 at 1800 MST.  Good luck! (Disclaimer: I purchased these items with personal funds.  I have not received any compensation in any form.)


24 thoughts on “A giveaway full of bento love!

  1. The only thing I would want to see differently (besides maybe some of your son’s bentos- because kids are always fun to hear back from on what they like) would be a cupcake recipe or two, especially an easy one. I am obsessed with cupcakes but am not the best baker so I’d love some assistance that way. Wonderful blog otherwise, of course 🙂
    email (laurelstein27@gmail.com) xOXo- Laurel ❤ -Bonne chance tout le monde.

  2. I would love to see some recipes for the yummy foods that go in your bentos! The dishes always sound so yummy, and obviously taste great as leftovers, and I would love to give some of them a try!
    email: notacouponqueen at gmail dot com

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing this giveaway. When I was in Japan my foster mother always made a bento for me and I miss it until now. I guess try posting more food to go to your bento. I am not a vegetarian, but would like to try something new. But my favorite will still be curry!

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  5. Yay, finally a give away for non US residents.
    I would like to see more recipe posting on food your include in your bento (vegetarian recipe can be a good balance to my diet which often very meaty ) as well as tips/step by step on cupcake baking, might be useful for a non baker like me 🙂
    my email : rabbitcancook@gmail.com

  6. Yay for a non-US-only giveaway! I’ve just discovered your blog but I would love to see more photos of the isolated objects in your beautiful bento boxes. Also, as many people have mentioned, it would be awesome to see a few more recipes so I can create my own bento magic!

    I can be contacted through my blog:)

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  8. I would like to see more recipes. I love the food you have in your bento. It would be great if you can let us readers know how to make it. Also letting us know where you get all those super cute bentos and accessories. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  9. I’d love to see where you shop & how you pick your veggies…that would be cool to know. Also, recipes…one can never have too many recipes to choose from.
    mistyfuji *at* yahoo *dot* com

  10. Looking at your bentos makes me think back when I had bentos. One thing that came to my mind was I sometimes had soup with my bento, so I thought maybe you can show some soup recipes.

  11. I would love to see how you keep different foods at different temperatures. I worry about my son’s lunch at room temperature (or hotter), but many foods don’t taste good cold…

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  13. oh this is exciting, a give-away contest open to everyone:). I do love your beautiful bentos, and from someone who eats a lot of meat and now starting to eat more veggies. I would like to know your veggie recipes, how to spice them up, what sauces or dressings do you use. Keep blogging!


  14. I am so happy to have recently discovered this blog for vegetarian bentos! 🙂 I would love to start making bentos for my seven-year-old daughter, who is vegetarian and (like many little kids) a fussy eater. I’m okay with challenging her palate from time to time, but I don’t want to foist too many sophisticated/adult items on her. So I’d love to see here some suggestions for creating vegetarian bentos for little kids (something beyond sandwiches).

    (Not posting my e-mail address publicly for web crawlers to find, but it’s in the user info form I submit to post this.)

  15. Nice idea for a giveaway! I’d like to see some recipes that are easy to make variations on… I think the hardest part about making bentos is packing them full of a variety of prepared foods, and not just filling it all with (leftovers/) one dish, so if you have any tips related to that, those would be helpful, too!

  16. Your pictures always make my mouth water! I love checking out what you’ll be having for lunch the next day. Once I’m back to work, I can see the real-deal. Most recent post had a simple tip on how to make a ‘fake-meat loaf’. When I read it, I thought, “Well duh, why didn’t I think of that!” More of that, simple and easy!

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