Sticky rice and tasty goodies from inside the fridge

It’s been a really busy week, and the weekend has me heading down to Montana, USA to get a Christmas shopping trip with some besties accomplished.  It will be fun, but it puts me in a unique decision as to how to make a bento.

How so?  Well, I have a block of tofu that I don’t want to break into as it will be bad when I get home from the US.  Please don’t suggest that my husband eat what’s leftover – he is not a tofu fan.  Tomorrow is parent-teacher night, so while I could theoretically make a batch of something yummy with the tofu and eat it repeatedly over the next 2 days, I may very well want to treat myself to a dinner out (it’s a 45-minute drive to and from school.  I don’t want to go home in between…).  So, I have a mishmash of tasty things instead, with no real theme to them.

Sticky rice is in the bento with toasted sesame seeds, and a bunny egg done together in the rice cooker.  Fantastic that they’re done at the same time as each other.  Then some veggie sausages that were lurking in the back of the freezer from my last US trip!  Finally, some broccoli and pomegranate are in there too.  I try and make sure the bentos are more veggie-heavy than fruity, but today it balances out.

I treated my husband and myself to a pair of Lunchbots bentos (they were on sale – yay!).  I have the Uno; he has the Eco.  His is a bit bigger than mine, and I think he’ll like it as I managed to get 2 pieces of rotisserie chicken in there for him tomorrow!  I’m not going todo a review per se, as I’m a big believer in using whatever box you can source for bentos.

However, I like that they are able to accommodate a standard-size silicon cupcake liner quite happily.  Both boxes seem to be good sizes for our respective appetites and energy needs.  They’re very bento-friendly in terms of their respective heights – not too deep or too shallow.  They have no silicon seal, so probably best for drier foods!  The only downside that I can see is that you couldn’t microwave food in them, so these are perfect for colder lunches only (unless you wanted to pour their contents onto a plate and heat).

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5 thoughts on “Sticky rice and tasty goodies from inside the fridge

    • Yep! Sticky rice and eggs cook in exactly the same time. The rice and water go in the bottom, and eggs go in the steamer basket that came with my rice cooker. Basmati works too, but brown rice is too long a cook time.

      • 😮 that’s genius!!! So it steams the egg but with the same end result as a boiled egg? Well that’s what I’ll be doing from now on! Thankyou for the idea! 🙂

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