Rice pilaf and veggie ‘meat’ loaf

This is really simple, but incredibly delicious and a nice change from rice cooked in the rice cooker, which is my go-to method.  I’m not sure I’d have the time or energy for this on a weeknight, which is why I love weekend cooking!

Here is the rice, with a veggie ‘meat’ loaf (use your favourite meatloaf recipe, but sub 1 can of semi-mashed beans for each 1lb of ground beef) in a bento:

It’s really difficult to make comfort food appealling.  As delicious as it is, it looked bland so I made a parade of little food pick animals to brighten it up a bit.  The carrots are honey-cumin flavoured.  The recipe comes from: MemoirsOfAKidd, and they’re delicious!


6 thoughts on “Rice pilaf and veggie ‘meat’ loaf

  1. Beans instead of meat in a “meat” loaf? Great idea! Think I might give that a try since we go vegetarian a couple nights each week…I might actually like that better, since I’m not a beef meat loaf fan, but everyone else is.

    • I find a lot of recipes can be veggietized by replacing meat with a can of beans, eg. spaghetti (lentils), tacos (black beans)… it’s pretty thrifty too, since beans are usually cheaper (cheaper yet if you have the time and foresight to plan cooking and freezing batches of dried…)

  2. You can cook pilaf in the rice cooker as well! Put butter and onions in your rice cooker and start cooking. Saute the onions for some minutes (lid on) then quickly add rice, water and spices, stir, close the cooker and let it do it’s job. You can also add veggies on top of ‘normal’ rice in the rice cooker (just throw it in) and cook the rice – and you can season the rice with a little soy sauce and sake. Gently stir the lot when the cooker has finished.

Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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