Carrot maki, tamagoyaki, edamame, and veggies

It either seems like it’s feast or famine in my fridge (don’t worry, money is okay).  It’s either so full of food that I don’t know what to do with it all, or I’m scrambling around scavenging in there for things that go nicely together.  This is a foraging-type bento.

Brown rice, cooked in the rice cooker, was rolled with steamed carrot in nori.  The little green dabs are wasabi paste, which I’m hoping won’t be too hot.  It’s a variety in a tube that I’ve never tried before.  I have soy sauce in a packet left over from Chinese takeout – even though I can’t remember the last time I craved restaurant fried rice!

I then have a 2-egg tamagoyaki, made with mirin this time, as I actually have some! for the recipe.  You can easily omit the mirin if you can’t find it.  My omelette is a bit browner than I would have liked, as the pan was a little too hot.

I also managed to forage some broccoli and yellow pepper from the fridge, and some edamame in pods from the freezer.  I steamed them all at the same time for 4 minutes, let them cool, and placed them into the bento.

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