Black bean burger, veggies

I was going to make a Japanese veggie curry, tofu katsu, and sticky rice bento today.  I made the curry this morning, and then it all just fell apart.  The rice cooker left the rice hard and not cooked through properly, and in order to try not to burn the tofu, I think I allowed the oil to remain too cold and it was greasy.  Icky.

So here we are with a plan B.  There is a half a giant-sized black bean burger with tomato jam in the sandwich (I baked and froze this bread myself a few weeks ago – see I can really navigate a kitchen with success most of the time!), with veggies, a mandarin orange, and cubes of feta cheese for lunch tomorrow.  Snack is a Luna bar – peanut butter pretzel – a flavour that can’t be found this side of the border hehe, so I’m hoping it tastes good!  Sometimes Plan A just doesn’t work out…


Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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