Veggie sausage, roasted potatoes, and marinated veggies

I love roast potatoes, and they’re so easy.

  • Preheat the oven to 425’F, and place rinsed and dried baby potatoes in your favourite roasting pan – I am a bit of a Pyrex addict, so that’s my preference…
  • Pour some olive oil over them, and give the pan a shake to coat the tatoes evenly.  Then sprinkle over coarse sea salt and dried rosemary to taste, give another shake to disperse the salt evenly
  • Throw in the oven, and cook, shaking the pan every so often until they’re as brown and crunchy as you like them!  I usually use baby potatoes when roasting this way as the skins don’t stick, so making them brown and crispy is easier on a weeknight:

Today I helped my son with multiplying decimals in Math, and appreciating the detail with colouring on his poster of the UK for social studies while making dinner and lunches.  Busy stuff!

The baby potatoes are with the veggie sausage, and ketchup of all low-brow condiment treats is in the piggy.  I think the sausage could be a bit dry tomorrow due to its vegan low-fat goodness!

I have some roasted marinated portobello mushroom and red pepper with some romaine in the cold tier.  Quite the grocery splurge, but I’ll get a total of 4 bentos out of it, and being that bento is quite the adventure in recessionista frugality, a little frivolity is okay once in a while.


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