Gluten-free egg sandwich, veggies, orange

I have to confess – even though I have awesome lunches, I haven’t been taking the best care possible of myself lately.  Partly my own fault, partly scheduling; I haven’t been to the gym in forever, and I’m not sure the yoga and scantly scheduled walks I’ve been doing at home is enough!  Breakfast has been a protein bar most mornings, and dinner has been snackish at best.

Enough, people!  So, I’m doing a cleanse to help kickstart getting back on track.  No dairy, no wheat, no sugar for two weeks, and herbal supplements morning and night to help stimulate my body’s own cleansing systems.  Yes, I believe our bodies can cleanse themselves if we look after them; I’m just giving it a bit of a boost.  Tons of water, naturally (this has never been a problem for me), and I have managed to get in real exercise 2 days in a row.  Go me!

Consequently, lunch has to change slightly for a couple of weeks (no cheese, how will I survive?).  Here I have gluten-free bread, Udi’s brand – it’s different, but quite tasty – with a sliced egg and romaine lettuce inside to make a tasty sandwich, pepper, broccoli, and an orange.  It feels silly peeling oranges ahead of time, but I have one of those batches where some aren’t good, and you can’t tell until you peel them open.  I’m not going to throw the good ones in the compost, so I’m taking it one baby orange at a time…

I checked the labels – my fave trail mix has added sugars in the cranberries, but the Taste of Nature bars are sucrose-free… that being said, they’re very sweet-tasting, so they’re probably not much better of a choice hehe.

Bet y’all can’t guess what offspring has for lunch tomorrow…

Yeppers, who’d have guessed it would be pbj?  He chose wonder bread texas toast last time we were shopping, with big thick slices, and I have to use my ‘jumbo’ bento box to fit it in there…


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