Foodie Penpal Awesomeness!

I just love foodie pen pals!

This month, I sent goodies to Lynn and received treats from Maggie.  November has been pretty busy with report card writing, 2 trips away (1 business, 1 pleasure), and just life in general, so I’m ashamed to say that I had completely forgotten about foodie penpals the day I checked the mail and found I had a package!  Pretty sure that my awful memory made the whole experience so much brighter – and that’s saying something, as I love foodie penpals.

In this month’s sort-of-surprise package, I received some Somersaults, mini cookies with sesame seeds in them.  They’re lightly sweet and lightly salty at the same time, and perfect for snacking on.  I’ve had these only once before, and haven’t managed to find them again, so I’m trying to pace myself and let them last, being that I don’t know when I’ll see them again!

The Zevia pop was the first to disappear – that evening in a glass with some ice – very tasty, and refreshing.  It tasted quite a bit different from traditional sugary pop, which was a nice surprise.  The tea was a nice treat too, as I am trying to have tea right after eating lunch to encourage me to at least sit down and take a bit of a break in the middle of my day!

I enjoyed the quinoa bar with a friend – delicious – super crunchy, and with a sweet-savoury flavour.  I will be looking for more of these!  The body candy bar is fun – nicely moisturizing with a deelish scent 🙂

As of writing, I haven’t had a chance to try the blueberry licorice.  I’m thinking it will be good to savour slowly on an upcoming day roadtrip!

Thank you again to Maggie for the treats, and to Lindsey at for organizing Foodie Pen Pals – great eats and new friends – what’s not to love about this program?

Edited: when I first drafted this post, it was well before Lindsey has requested FPP participants donate to Hurricane Sandy relief for the month of December.


5 thoughts on “Foodie Penpal Awesomeness!

  1. Did you know your link on the foodie penpals roundup goes to the Oatmeal’s killer cats comic? I love that comic, but I got to this post by googling the name of your blog 🙂 Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to edit the link.

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