Boursin pasta, smoked tofu, and veggies


I completely forgot I was on a no wheat or dairy cleanse while making dinner, and proceeded to boil a big pot of pasta, thinking dinner tonight, and two future bentos for the hubby and me (youngest won’t eat pasta without a tremendous fight that just is not worth it).  Hehe – can I blame it on only 14 days left of teaching to go?  Or forgetfulness?  Or the gingerbread house decorating going on in the kitchen at the same time as dinner/lunchmaking?

Either way… farfalle pasta, tossed while warm with Boursin cheese so that it melts nicely.  It’s cooled quite a bit in this picture, but will be nice and smoothly creamy once heated tomorrow.  I found some frozen cubed butternut squash, and heated that in the microwave, although it could probably go in frozen, as I plan on reheating this bento tomorrow anyway.  A little smoked tofu and Ketchup peppers, but made with locally-made tomato jam (self-proclaimed adult ketchup) round out the tier.


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