Absolutely freakin’ genius – the home salad bar

I wish I had thought of this.  I found it out there on the blogosphere, but now I can’t remember where/find it again.  If it is you, please let me know, and I will absolutely credit your blog with the utter genius of this idea.

OK, here’s what it is:

A 2-layered container, with inserts, filled with tasty veggies and other salad ingredients.  It’s a craft supply container under the Snapware brand (I purchased this myself with my own personal funds, no freebies here!), was reasonably priced, is dishwasher safe (top rack only and you can see the water marks on the upper left hand corner), and is now sitting nicely in my fridge ready to fill up salads and wraps in a snap.

Not super-hungry for dinner?  A quick salad will be more nutritious than toast and jam, or instant noodles (my personal ‘not very hungry’ go-to dinner vices).  I’ve also made a very easy, tasty wrap, which is featured at the end of the post.  Not sure what side dish to make for either dinner or a bento?  Salad is waiting for you!

The only downside I can see is that for texture-sensitive persons, some foods may travel from one section to another and that can be bothersome.  Also, if you have an individual with allergies, you’d obviously have to keep allergenic ingredients out of the salad bar.  Other than that, salad bar on!

Here are some salad bar goodies in a wrap with some Tofurkey for my lunch tomorrow (snacks are greek yogurt in the morning, and a mandarin orange for the afternoon):


More watermarks.  Maybe it’s time to up the rinse aid setting in the dishwasher.  Yay very hard water!


4 thoughts on “Absolutely freakin’ genius – the home salad bar

  1. That is such a brilliant idea! Even just for prepping veggies for snacks, do it once at the start of the week and it is all there ready to be eaten. I know that I often wash things ahead of time so that my husband can grab them for his lunch. If the grapes are in the bag unwashed, they don’t get eaten (don’t pre wash berries though, they get moldy fast!).
    This would be great for a family taco/wrap or salad dinner, if you have picky kids or kids that just like to be in control, put this on the table and they can top their own taco/wrap or salad!

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