Lasagne, veggies


A hot bento for a cold day.

Yes, I know I said I was on bento-blogging hiatus.  Old habits take a long time to change, so it was only natural last night to snap a photo of my bento.  I got a paper done on the weekend, but I have two sick boys (aged 11 and 49), and they’ve both been home today.  They’re pretty miserable, and now that I’m home, needy.  No online quiz for me tonight, so I may as well blog, right?

Veggie lasagne with home-made marinara and béchamel sauces, steamed green beans, and  butternut squash make up the bento.  The fruity coconut jelly makes up the tiniest dessert, just enough before I headed back to my classroom for the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Lasagne, veggies

    • Well it’s a mancold; therefore my handy-dandy XX chromosones will keep me safe! Just wait until your manchildren get their first mancold… they go from their last cold in that bounce-back kinda way straight to the one where they’re begging you to call the wah-mbulance!

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