The beautiful blogger award

The wonderful, fellow British Columbian nominated me (a while ago, sorry) for a beautiful blogger award!  How lovely!  Her blog is full of vegetarian eats including recipes, with a focus on healthy food, interlaced with the perspective of life in an RV with a toddler.  Check it out 🙂

I am very happy to accept this award, and to have the time to do so.  I apologize to other bloggers, as I know they’ve nominated me for awards too, but they came at a very busy time in the school year.  Family > career > blogging.  I honour the individuals who also nominated me for blog awards that I just couldn’t accept at the time. So, the rules for accepting this blog are to complete a couple of tasks.  The first is to link the pic:


The second is to thank the person who nominated you (which I like to do before pasting pictures, quite frankly – it’s very humbling that another blogger recognizes my little corner of the internet).

The third is to state seven things about myself:

1.  I love food.  Here it is, 2 days before Christmas, and I have a game-plan and ingredients for a wonderful Christmas dinner in which I am feeding ‘orphans’ an insane amount of hopefully fantastic food!

2.  I am actually very smart and really enjoy learning.  I’m taking courses by correspondence, and love how I am learning new things to enhance my teaching practice.

3.  I enjoy CBC radio, especially Q with Jian Gomeshi.  I Q you!

4.  I am a geek – I think most people with blogs probably are a little bit, but I full on embrace my video-gaming, card game-playing lifestyle.  Graphic Tee shirt on!

5.  I am very picky with how I do laundry.  I won’t let my husband do it any more because he doesn’t do it right (probably more to do with things that go in the dryer that shouldn’t than my pickiness, but it’s definitely a factor).

6.  I do what I can to look after the planet and tread lightly on it.

7.  I used to really love to knit, until my wrists couldn’t take it any more, so I bought a sewing machine a year or so ago and tried that out instead – creativity galore and my wrists can handle it just nicely.

And the final part is nominating 7 bloggers and letting them know.  I read lots of blogs, as I enjoy them immensely, but here are the ones that are currently particularly interesting:

1. – for foodie and Japanophile culture and tasty home-made bentos.

2. – for a slice of BC life – Kidd is very like me, working with kids, student life, and is an all-round lovely person who shares a journal on her blog.  She makes bento too – cool!

3. – for blogging meeting serious discussion on nutrition.  Her approach is very different from my photo-and-quick-read-style in favour of in-depth analysis of nutrition, with sources cited.  Very interesting reading, and I love the pics of her climbing!

4. – for being an awesome foodie penpal, as well as yummy cooking and restaurant reviews.  I want to be in Toronto on the basis of her food writing, and I’m normally very happy being out here in BC!

5. – an interesting approach to weight loss and maintenance over the long haul.  And bentos!

6. – life.  This blog is like reading a journal, and I enjoy it.

7. – I have a bad habit of assuming people who are into bento know their way around the kitchen, but Roxx breaks the bentos down into planning, recipes, and presentation.  She’s amazing.


4 thoughts on “The beautiful blogger award

  1. Thanks for finding the time to accept the award – I know these things are time consuming! We are indeed quite similar… there’s the CBC thing (I also enjoy Q), the geek thing, as well as the laundry thing! I’m fanatical about hang-drying certain items – you should see the RV on laundry day! There’s stuff hanging everywhere, hehe 🙂

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