In which Lizzie’s bento and sewing obsessions collide: Bento bags!

I have a huge stash of fabric.  We’re not going to talk here about the number of work-in-progress projects I have, but today I decided to tackle the stash, and make some bento/lunch bags for my best friends!  Yes, Christmas was yesterday, but I honestly didn’t have time beforehand to whip out the sewing machine…

035 034 033

The tutorial comes from here:, although I augmented it a little for the bag on the bottom, and had to improvise for the butterfly fabric due to cutting it in the wrong direction – but yay for bias tape!  The irony here is that the bag is intended for my friend who’s been sewing her whole life and is currently teaching senior textiles – hehehehehehe….. I know she’ll be forgiving.

What’s really funny is that the middle bag is the fabric I made my living room curtains out of – I promised a yoga mat bag if there was fabric leftover – there wasn’t for a yoga bag, but there was for a lunch bag!  Yay!

For my regular/regular-ish readers, I’m posting these on my blog because I’m wondering if you’d be interested in one of these bags to go into a giveaway?  (Best friends have to appreciate, but the blogosphere doesn’t have to!)


16 thoughts on “In which Lizzie’s bento and sewing obsessions collide: Bento bags!

      • Well, unfortunately, space for a sewing machine is as unavailable as somewhere to store an oh-so-wanted Kitchenaid mixer. One of these days, we will have that space! but for now, I just use a cheap hand-held sewing device. It makes any real projects just too much of a pain to even bother with.

      • I hear you. I haul my sewing stuff out of the cupboard and onto the kitchen table when I feel the need! The kitchenaid is a design statement, so yep, takes up quite a bit of counter realestate, but it’s so pretty!

    • You may surprise yourself. When I chose to give up knitting, I found that there are a ton of tutorials on blogs and youtube with basic sewing techniques – so if you’re a visual learner like me, that could be enough to get you started.

  1. So cute! When I had an office job and took my lunch everyday to work, I made a little lunch bag that was the exact size of my favourite lunch container. Everyone was always asking where I bought it, it was great to say I made it 🙂

    • How adorable 🙂 I really wish I could keep knitting, but my wrists just won’t allow me to. I make dishcloths when I can – I can do about 1 a week tops! 😦 Sewing almost fills the niche, but it’s not as relaxing as knitting is.

      • Well, as long as you’re having fun, I guess?! Sewing seems a pretty useful skill too. Would be nice to learn :). But I only just started knitting so I guess it’ll be for another time xD…

      • Oh yes, sewing is pretty fun too! And… you can whip up a project in a few hours of dedicated time rather than a few weeks of knitting, which is good for the ol’ instant gratification!

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