Cupcake Friday!

Woo hoo – being that my course is done, and I have one more blissful week off work left, it’s back to regularly scheduled Cupcake Fridays!  Most of the time, I take photos from my files, but I actually made these cupcakes this morning for the family dinner we’re having tonight.


I tried to cupcake-ify a really moist chocolate cake recipe, and while I’m not a fan of how it turned out (they rose outwards instead of upwards, but it makes the absolute best chocolate cake ever in one or two layers…), these are for family, and they probably won’t be able to tell!  It’s okay to experiment in the name of the cupcake cult.

I took most of a package of mint crème Oreos that I got in the US (then saw sitting happily in my local supermarket a week after I got back – oops), smooshed them in the food processor, then whipped them into a simple vanilla buttercream icing.  I then halved the rest of the package and used them to garnish.

Cupcake on!


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