Stirfy and chick’n nuggets


These nuggets freak me out.  They’re either shaped like circles, which is very much okay with me, or they’re shaped like the ‘McNugget boot’ – you know the one I mean.  They taste just fine, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy them again unless they’re on sale!  I tipped the one closest to the front of the bento on its side, so it’s not as ominous.

There’s a bed of brown rice under the chick’n and veggies (stirfried in canola oil, then given a hit of chili-garlic sauce, vegetarian hoisin, and a splash of water), and orange slices in the food cup.  I sprinkled cinnamon on them, because it’s so delicious together.

And say hi to the Sriracha fish next to soy sauce fish!  I don’t know if the fish can hold enough spicy sauce, but I had to try.



Morning – out of focus trail mix, afternoon – hummus, celery, yellow pepper, raw sunflower seeds.


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