Leftover Love: Ideas to try with chili


Chili rice – about 1/2 chili and 1/2 rice by volume, mixed. This is quite nice either just in the bento like this, or in a wrap with salsa and veggies to make a burrito-style lunch. In the other tier, I have veggie sausage patties, yellow pepper strips, and sliced cucumber. This is a true leftover/fridge foraging bento.


Chili bento for the hubs. He doesn’t like to reheat leftovers, so it’s okay to put chili and salad together if it’s for him. Traditional bento is eaten at room temperature, but I often make a ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ tier in a 2-tier box.


A small portion of quinoa chili, brown rice, and smoked tofu.


4 thoughts on “Leftover Love: Ideas to try with chili

    • When I redid the kitchen, I moved my old-but-functional microwave into my classroom, so it’s no trouble at all to pop a tier, no lid, into the microwave. I vary it depending on my mood, but this time of year – you bet things are getting heated for lunch – brr!

Tell us veggie bento lovers what you think!

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