Mushroom, goat cheese, and lemon pasta


So normally, I’m pretty careful about what I eat. Having lost a considerable amount of weight and kept it off for several years now, I know that if I don’t look after myself holistically, I could be in a place where I’m bigger than I am now. For the record, my life rocked before losing weight, and it rocks now. I do not feel better about myself because of my weight, although it does make shopping for clothes a lot easier.

That being said, here is a very rich, but delicious recipe. Inspired by the brown rice and quinoa gluten-free pasta that my foodie penpal sent me, I whipped up this lovely meal – enough for a big dinner for one (overly big, actually… dinner for 2 with a green salad, more like) and a bento – again, could be stretched to 2 bentos with more veggies and other tasty noms… However, portion sizes are quite subjective when it comes to pasta, so these are just suggestions!

Hubs has had sport-on-telly snacks for two days in a row, thanks to the UFC and the NFL, so needless to say, he was not hungry for dinner tonight. That left me free to cook with things he does not like.

1. Cook 225g pasta (regular or gluten-free) as per package directions. I did not salt the water as I usually would, due to goat cheese being a bit higher in sodium and saltiness, as well as salt being added in step 2. Meanwhile,

2. Slice 2 portabella mushrooms, stem removed, or use 1x16oz package of sliced mushrooms. Sautee them over medium-low heat in a little olive oil, sprinkled with a little salt to help draw out their moisture. This step is done when they’re soft, dark brown, and have released all their liquid.

3. Turn off the heat, but keep the pan over the element/burner. Slice a small package of herbed goat cheese into the pot (maybe 5oz?), and stir every now and then, allowing the cheese to melt. The sauce was ready about three minutes before the pasta was cooked, attesting to the fact this recipe is quick!

4. Add drained pasta to the mushroom-cheese mixture, and use tongs to combine. I added 1/4 cup of pasta cooking water to loosen it up a bit.

5. Add the juice of one lemon – I used meyer lemons because I’m addicted – and if you have a microplane/zester, add in the zest too. I love citrus, and find that it perks the sauce up, cutting some of the richness, but if citrus and creamy doesn’t sound good, certainly omit this step.

Season with black pepper and enjoy.

Because this bento is very rich, there’s no afternoon snack tomorrow (plus I’m considering cutting the afternoon snack in favour of a slightly larger dinner and seeing how that goes). I’m also feeling guilty about the visible lack of veggies in this bento, even though I know there’s most of a mushroom in there, so I threw on some grape tomatoes. My morning snack is a sliced Cara Cara orange with about 1/4 cup greek yogurt. I’ve also put an overnight oats (1/2 cup) with chia seeds (1 tbsp.) for breakfast – for some reason, they’re my favourite breakfast. They look a lot better once the oats and chia have absorbed the almond milk (1 cup), but I’m too disorganized to remember my camera for school.

Here’s the cuteness that’s awaiting me for tomorrow’s eats:


4 thoughts on “Mushroom, goat cheese, and lemon pasta

  1. Whoa – I made practically the exact same pasta yesterday, right down to the Meyer lemon! Further proof that great mind think alike! 😉 I’ll be posting my version today or tomorrow.

    “That left me free to cook with things he does not like” – This made me laugh out loud. I take advantage of nights like this by throwing handfuls of kale in everything, and making everything really spicy 🙂

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