Quinoa chili, cornbread muffin, salad


Home-made quinoa chili, pulled from the freezer and defrosted, a cornbread muffin in silicon cup jujjed up with some sliced pickled jalapenos, and a small green salad with posh lettuce, grapes, and feta. Apple cider vinegar and olive oil are in the chick to dress the salad before eating.

I lined the tier for the chili with plastic wrap. Normally, I wouldn’t, but I didn’t want to stain the inside of the bento box. I haven’t used this box in ages, and thought it would be great for a 3-dish lunch. It takes me over two years to use a container of clingfilm, so once in a while is okay, right? To reheat, I would remove the chili to a microwave-safe bowl to be on the safe side re: heating plastics.

Snack – Taste of Nature bar – nom!


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