Butter paneer, brown basmati rice


What is this? Daylight in a photo? Why, yes! The photo’s blurry, as if the poor little camera doesn’t know what to do with itself in natural light anymore. Summer is coming (you have to say this in your best dramatic Game of Thrones voice!).

Today’s bento couldn’t be easier – I feel as if it’s assembling, not cooking, that I did today. I took some paneer, Indian cheese, and cooked it in some Indian butter chicken sauce (which is vegetarian!) until heated through – about 10 mins or so on low heat. I had brown basmati rice cooked in the rice cooker. Then it was simply a matter of putting them both into the bento. Incidentally, I usually love brown rice, but I just can’t fall in love with brown basmati. Obviously, I’ll finish the bag off, but it’ll be regular white basmati the next time I buy it. For the cold tier, I have some little cucumber hearts, raw almonds, and grape tomatoes. They’re on a bed of gorgeously purple lettuce.

You can see overnight oats in the strawberry candy box for tomorrow’s breakfast, and orange slices with apple bunnies for snack. Cutting afternoon snack is working really nicely, so that I still maintain an appetite for a proper dinner, not a snacky-type fridge raid. There are no hungries going on – just timing. No competitive undereating for me!

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