Biiiiiiig sandwich


Well it’s not really that big, but I’m still looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

Our local bakery makes the most delicious bread, and I couldn’t resist picking up a bag of buns. I had one with dinner tonight, and decided to make a giant hummus and veggie sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch. It feels like it’s been a while since I had a sandwich bento, so it’s justifiable! (It always feels like I’m cheating the whole philosophy of bento to make a sandwich… isn’t that why we make bento? To get away from the monotony of plain lunches?)

I scooped some of the bread out – not for competitive under-eating purposes, but to fit more fillings in! I spread hummus on the bottom half of the bun, and put as much posh lettuce, sliced mushroom (the last of the box I bought), grape tomatoes and carrot ribbons in as I could fit – yay for scooping out the bread. My side dish is an egg, hard boiled and seasoned with black pepper – deelish! Finally, herbal tea, as I have a lunch date with a co-worker I haven’t seen in a week or so tomorrow, and it will be nice to sit and drink tea with her over lunch.

Snack is dried guava, which I love because it tastes so gingery.


10 thoughts on “Biiiiiiig sandwich

  1. Everyday I read your posts, and I find them so inspiring. Then I go back to my boring, not-so-healthy lunches! I think part of my problem is I really prefer hot lunches, and most bento meals look like they’re meant to be eaten cold. And I don’t know if all those cute little boxes are microwave safe. Someday, when I’m not traveling so much, I’m going to try some of your bentos to see if it’s something I could get into. Thanks for the inspiration!

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