I made pizza for dinner tonight. I actually made three pizzas: one with just sauce and cheese, one with sauce, cheese, pepper strips and grape tomatoes (pictured), and one with sauce, NO cheese, chorizo, olives, pepper strips, and grape tomatoes. Sometimes, I feel like a bit of a short order chef. I wasn’t too hungry for dinner today, so half my pizza is in my bento for tomorrow’s lunch – makes it easy, no scavenging in the fridge required, well, except for the side dishes. I tried a new crust/dough recipe today, and it’s deliciously fluffy on the inside, and crisp on the outside – a keeper. Sides are a baby cuke, 1/2 an orange, and a chocolate kiss (love seasonal candy on sale!).


For my snack bento, I have a quinoa breakfast bar, but made in a muffin cup. I’m actually not going to post the recipe for this, as I really think it needs some tweaking. It’s a bit too moist and not quite sweet enough as is. I will give it another try. I also cut some apple pieces up, not quite room for a whole apple, so I ate about 1/4 of it while making lunches for everyone.

In other blogosphere news, the lovely (pretty link tool in wordpress not working, sorry!) and I are collaborating for the month of March. Each Monday, I will be posting a vegan bento on her blog, with the intent of helping people out who are thinking about reducing their meat intake. I hope to give some easily-attainable ideas to get people started, share a little about how I decide to eat how I eat now, and give people some resources to help them on their way at the end of the series. It’s like teaching, but with fewer Jedi attention-grabbing tricks reminding people to please not plug into The Matrix via their iPods while I’m intro’ing the lesson needed. I’m very excited – good things happen when people collaborate.

My blogosphere buddy will be looking at detoxing using fresh spring produce, growing one’s own plants to eat, and some tips on how to sustain fruit and veggie intake over winter through preserving that spring and summery goodness. Why do we focus on detoxing in the middle of winter, when fresh seasonal produce is hard to find unless you’re in Southern California? Now that the days are lengthening, it’s (theoretically still, on some parts of our lovely continent) warming up, and we’re approaching growing season, it’s going to be easier to renew a commitment to be healthy. Not to mention that for beach babes across North America, bikini season will soon be upon us! I will also set up a flickr group, so that we writers and readers alike can share newly planted seeds, vegetarian/vegan bentos, and anything else along the theme of Spring and health.


10 thoughts on “Pizza

  1. I love when you can take a simple thing like pizza and personalize it to everyone’s taste! I love peppers and tomatoes on pizza, good choices!

    That collaboration sounds great! I’ll be doing a veggie garden again this spring, and would love to learn ways to keep it well into the fall and winter…assuming we don’t just eat it all like last year.

    • I’m excited about the collaborating too! I’m going to try another veggie garden – last year, posh lettuce and chard grew like crazy, but my carrots were tiny! My tomato plant, grown from seed in a workshop I attended, never did make it. Chard and lettuce this year it is…

    • I only made a few muffins, the rest were in bar form. Hubs took one to his office, inadvertently garnered office snack envy, took the rest in today, and they were devoured in two minutes. I think it’s just me who wants them a little sweeter… 🙂 I will look for the recipe and do a post.

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